The human body is a vehicle that the spirit needs to fulfill its reason to be.

Yes!  We have trillions of Atoms that compose our biological body.  In order for these Atoms to reach their peak performance, they must have harmonization.  This Supreme intelligence nourishes on "Love", for a just cause.
Yes!  The Universe is composed with Trillions of stars that expand constantly.
Yes!  Universal Atom energy is rarely at a stand still.  We are the Universe, therefore energy vibrations are among us constantly.
Yes!  The human body has approx. 60 trillion active Atom cells and approx: 800 trillion that are dormant.  Imagine the effects if awaken all at once...The human Atom bomb???
Yes!  We all possess an Aura, it is a very real and very subtle energy.  It has it's purpose in our existence, it feeds on (thought vibrations) and (feeling vibrations).  The amount of nourishment it receives will give you grace.
Yes!  To be what is to be, one must participate.  Action = Reaction
Yes!  "Love" is an ocean of emotion into which the Universe expresses itself with light.  The world we live in, is simply a gigantic mirror.
Yes!  The human being is composed of three elements "Love", Wisdom and Power, arrange them in a perfect triangle and you will become a Pyramid.  Well balanced you will have real and lasting energy.
Yes!  The source to most of our problems resides in our deep ME.
Yes!  The human body is not designed to develop diseases from the outside.  The biological human body is the effect and not the cause.
Yes!  An energy cell that has a deficiency or an excess, goes crazy and begins a combat in it's own way.  That is what we call a sickness.
Yes!  A crystal is a mirror of oneself.  When you experience a something that something will experience you.  Some call this Emotional Intelligence.
Yes!  Energy rises, it contradicts gravity.
Yes!  Intention is a KEY part of every experience.
Yes!  When the mind is calm, chi flows freely, when chi flows freely the mind is calm.
Yes!  With plenty of "Love" and Light we can all Heal each other.
Yes! What created you can Heal you.

Yes!  To must understand.

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