Sat Amrit Khalsa Kaur
(Pure Nectar)
1 - 4

            I first saw this young handicapped 10 year old child at a 2004 Summer Solstice at approximately 3.45 a.m. under a huge cement shelter at "Ram Das Puri" ( 7,000 feet above sea level ) in New Mexico USA. Her tiny body seemed very frisky and chilly, however, the comfort of being near her daddy seemed to override the inconveniences of the long plastic tubes up her nose and the oxygen tank next to her loving daddy that she required for constant breathing.. "all this agony".. not forgetting the early frosty high mountain dews at that wee hour of the morning.

      She had no knowledge that I was right behind her, sending her healing Kundalini Reiki Energy, it was kinda dark outside for her to notice me. Her daddy who was fully prepared for the morning sadhana, was in very deep state of meditation and she obviously didn't understand why, but the presence of her daddy being so close to her must of  reassured her that she was at the right place at the right time. My heart still shivers and cry's when I visualize her tiny chilly body that frosty morning, she sort of jiggled back and forth around her father for a bit of warmth and security, then she would SO gently glide her cheeks along the back of his fully covered blanketed body, her ever so closeness to her daddy was a profoundness of gratitude for his presence..

My heart felt like it must have stopped for a moment, witnessing such
unconditional LOVE in such a Remote area.