It is very important to perform these exercises in the beginning, every time when you attempt to perform the Yogic techniques that are necessary for your Kundalini  training; this will guard you from any unexpected, and undesirable accidents. e.g. warm up examples below..




Yoni Mudra

We will have a look at one well known mudra - Yoni Mudra used to reduce distraction and to increase harmony and balance within during the beginning years of meditation practices. Below we have a graphic showing a hand with its typical and most important chakras. Each fingertip has one chakra and near the center of the palm of your hand there are two chakras shown - one to receive, the other one to send LOVE. Hence the word "healing touch". Of course there are many more chakras in the fingers. Each finger tip has one receiving and one sending chakras. The receiving is used for sensing metaphysical energies - like illnesses in a body (lightbody) and more. Some of the shown points below are well known in acupuncture as acupuncture points as well. Most of the acupuncture points are small chakras.

Yoni Mudra is done with both hands on both sides of your face as shown below. When fully concentrating with all your attention, all your awareness you may do this Yoni Mudra for as long as it is comfortable to you - usually 15 to 30 minutes or more at a time.  The graphic below shows a perfect Yoni Mudra.


Yoga for everyone..

Yoga for everyone..


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